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Lifting Equipment for Tree Services

Dependable equipment, reliable service; you can depend on Runnion Equipment Company

Dependable Equipment

“ We purchased an 800D National Crane series boom truck in January 2011 from Runnion Equipment. National Crane is probably the most well known brand on the market, and we’ve been very pleased with the performance and capabilities of this unit.

“ We use this boom truck for tree removal, because it allows us access to large trees that we couldn’t necessarily get to with a bucket truck. We can also work on multiple trees along a street faster and more efficiently. Basically, we can take down the tree in larger pieces without having to rope everything down individually. It saves us a lot of time. It’s probably 50% faster than the alternative.”

Reliable Service

“ Runnion has performed maintenance and repair services for us since the early 90s. I have never had any problems with them. Their technicians are knowledgeable and respond quickly to our needs. They have a large number of different brands they work with, but they always have our parts available for us. They even shuttle our units back and forth sometimes for us.

“ The owner here has been working with Pat Runnion for many, many years, and he is such a wonderful guy. He always goes above and beyond to help us out, answers any questions that we have, and helps us locate hard to find equipment. I think we’ve probably purchased a trailer or two from him as well.”

– Chief Operating Officer, Homer Tree Care, Inc.

About Homer Tree Service
Founded in 1985 by Ron Reposh, Homer Tree Service is based in Lockport, Illinois and serves residential, municipal and construction customers throughout the Midwest. Today, the company includes three operating divisions and over 140 employees. Specializing in land clearing, Homer Tree Service recycles the logs into mulch for playground material and landscaping. Homer Tree Care is the division that provides plant healthcare and tree maintenance and removal for residential and municipal customers.

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