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Repairs, Alignment, Adjustments, and Maintenance on Rail Gear

HARSCO Hy-Rail & Stanley Tools repairs and parts, Factory trained technicians

Department of Transportation (DOT) Annual Inspections

Components inspected:

  • Chassis frame
  • Axels
  • Drive line
  • Engine
  • Drive train
  • Wiper blades
  • Lighting and coolant protection
  • And more

Documentation of certification is required on the vehicle. Documentation forms include an inspection report and a sticker or decal.

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Annual Inspections

  • Inspect Hi-Rail assemblies for loose or missing parts
  • Check warning light or beacon
  • Check back up alarm
  • Inspect guide wheels wear
  • Inspect tram and alignment
  • Check guide wheel gage
  • Annual inspection report must be kept on the hi-rail vehicle

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA/ANSI) Annual Inspection


  • Hands on operational inspection
  • Check torque (capabilities of 1,600 ft/lbs)
  • Apply lubricants to boom and outriggers
  • PTO pump spline inspection
  • OSHA inspection sticker
  • Suggested proactive maintenance
  • Monthly and annual documentation of OSHA inspections are required

Hydraulic Tool Repair Services

  • Technicians trained by Stanley Tools
  • Keep your hydraulic tools in top operating condition
  • Minimize downtime on the rail
  • Pick up and delivery service for local yards available

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Rail gear repairs

Keep your rail equipment on track and comply with annual inspection requirements.