Key Contacts at Runnion Equipment Company

Key Personnel

and areas of responsibility
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Feel free to directly contact any of these key personnel at Runnion Equipment Company, or use our general contact form.


Pat Runnion
»email here


Michael F. Prochot
»email here


Bill Boers
National Accounts Manager
»email here


Dale Yirsa
Product Support
Parts and Service
»email here


Jim Hopkinson
Product Support Business Development
»email here


Matt Prochot
Product Support Manager
»email here


Tom Ludwick
Shop Manager
»email here


Nick Lombardi
Product Support – Parts Specialist
»email here


Willie Messuck
Rental Manager
»email here


Joe W. Nikischer
Rental Coordinator
»email here

Michael E. Cantieri
Chicago North and Northwest Illinois
»email here


Brad Runnion
Sales Support Manager
»email here


Paul Sheppard
»email here

Loewen Payne
Indiana and Central Illinois
»email here

Dan Runnion
Inside Sales
»email here

Laura Arias
Product Support Administration
»email here

Joe Magdaleno
Southwest Chicago Suburbs and
Central Illinois Territory Manager
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